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What is Cloud Meadow?

We want to show you the world of Cloud Meadow, a world of islands floating in the sky through ancient magics you can only ponder at, where man and monster strive side by side to survive and prosper, where the inhabitants find their way in life the best they can, and make the best of what they have.

Become one of our protagonists, Evan or Eve, and venture out into the Frontier to farm, breed, and battle your way through the growing pains of a small farm, and who knows, maybe have a little fun with the locals here and there. Oh, and possibly solve an ancient mystery along the way.

Photo of Ev
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You can play as either Evan or Eve, a fresh and plucky First Class Union Frontiersman straight out of the Union Academy. Your assignment is a town on the edge of the Frontier called Cloverton, a modest town with a farm in desperate need of a professional touch. After you are greeted by the lovely Jubelle, the town’s Union Operations Director, you are told your main job is to get the towns farm back in working order. As a Frontiersman, you’re trained to venture into the wilds where you’ll find a whole trove of interesting creatures and treasures to help or hinder you on your path to unravel the mysteries of the world around you.

Time flies and the world moves along. Will you step out and face the dangers of the wilds and discover why the monsters you’re to help care for are getting more and more aggressive, or will you stay safely at home on your farm and let others do the heroic work?

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Monsters are the beings that originally evolved on the wild and untamed islands untouched by humanity. Once hunted for their blood, used to fuel the magitech machines humanity uses to survive and expand across the hostile environment. After the formation of the Union, monsters and humans struck a deal, far more profitable, and pleasurable, to coexist and help both groups to thrive and grow. The monsters allow humans to harvest more sustainable forms of energy, and in exchange, humans and monsters can live together in relative peace in the already harrowing world they live in.

Monsters come in many shapes and forms, and their powerful natures mean they are susceptible to the chaotic whims of magic. Ones born on the wild islands can take on different forms due to magic oversaturation, usually making them more aggressive and powerful than their tamer versions, and a serious threat if provoked. Every monster wields a great deal of magical power in them though, and this manifests itself in amazing displays, such as incredible strength, and even control over the elements.

As a Frontiersman, you can rescue eggs during your escapades to the wild islands, bring them back to your farm, and raise them into a safer environment much less likely to drive them into fierceness.Through breeding, milking, and training, these monsters can gain the knowledge of civilization and integrate as free citizens, or move to more tribal monster communities on the islands free of magic saturation, protected by the Union Marines and live their lives how they like.

image of cat

The mischievous Cats come from the Savannah biome. Their sharp claws and dizzying acrobatics make them a dodgy target and quick ally in a fight. Their playful nature also makes them fun to watch when Plankton arrive.

image of centaur

The stoic Centaur is a valiant ally in combat and will aggressively stampede any that stand before them. While they are a strong frontline fighter, their skills with a bow are not to be underestimated. The Centaur could be considered the glue that holds the farm together.

image of wolf

The prowling Wolf is intelligent and vicious. Its natural hunting grounds, the Forests, mean it has developed a keen sense of smell and the fast reflexes necessary to propel it to the top of the food chain. Its leisure activities around the farm usually involve chasing the Cats around, or other pastimes.

image of holstaur

The gentle Holstaur uses their surprising speed to protect allies, and luscious assets to heal allies and taunt enemies. Their experience with milking makes them a wonderful asset on the farm.

image of harpy

The swift Harpies flit among the Titan Ruins, dodging and weaving between the remains. Their agility and size make them a hard target and their airborne capabilities mean they are skilled at keeping enemies in their sights. The Harpy’s call can be heard across the farm in the mornings.

image of lamia

The manipulative Lamia are mysterious and oft misunderstood creatures. Their use of magic in a fight however, and the benefits - or threats - it poses is well understood. They are highly intelligent and do not mind attending to the farms needs, but a little off time now and then for them to shed their skins is greatly appreciated.

image of cyclops

The hulking Cyclops is a powerful creature with great strength, but many underestimate its ability to engage from afar. It has been observed to throw an object as heavy as 90 kilograms beyond 300 meters. Its size and strength make it a great help around the farm when it comes to construction and shipping.

image of demon

The towering Demon dwarfs many of the other monsters and its powers are feared by many. However, many demons are simply looking for a good time, and their normal methods of finding are simply… different than most. Their hot tempers can make them deadly combatant.

image of crab

The rare Crab is a potent foe that can strike surprisingly quickly with their two large claws. While not many Frontiersmen have ever actually brought one to their farm, their four arms and strength would be a great boon to any aspiring Frontiersman.

image of chimera

The mysterious Chimera. Not much is known about this creature as they don’t occur naturally. You will have to explore the mysteries of the frontier to find one of these creatures.

image of dragon

The ancient Dragons are a proud race of Monsters and are not often brought down to work on simple farms. Their powerful tails and lithe forms evoke a sense of awe and envy from most humans and monsters alike. Will you bring a Dragon under your care?

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As a Frontiersman you have been trained to care for crops and monsters, along with going out into the wilds to explore. You can craft items using essence and other components, and use these to enhance your farm, your monsters, or the town of Cloverton.


Farming! It’s really what you’re here to do. Farming is the backbone of the Frontiersman’s job, and is a key element of every frontier town. Ev’s job is to take a rundown and mysteriously abandoned farm and bring it to full production. Use the monsters and your skills as a Frontiersman to save the farm!

image of farmable items


Explore the wilds and depths of the Frontier with a party composed of the various members you have met and trained throughout your time in Cloverton. While this isn’t a Frontiersman’s primary job, the Union long ago decided to allow them to go out and explore. Something about the adventurous spirit required to want to work in the field lead many Frontiersman into breaking the rules to satisfy their curiosities. Go forth and brave the many dangers of the Frontier and maybe even learn a thing or two. Many strange encounters can await you out there.

image of dungeon items


So what do you do with all these plants and materials you dig up from your fields and adventures? You make stuff! You can craft a variety of items through Cooking, Blacksmithing, Jeweling, and Tailoring. These items can them be sold, used in the dungeons, and even as part of quests or encounters. The quality of your ingredients will determine the quality of your crafting. No good Frontiersman escapes the Academy without first going through a rigorous coursework regarding the items and equipment they will need to survive.

image of craftable items


As a Frontiersman, the breeding and raising of monsters is a vital component of your career. Along with offering you assistance in your daily duties such as tending your crops, refining materials, and so much more. They can also provide protection and act as allies in combat during your adventures into the wild should you find yourself in a tight spot, with different species providing different skills and traits.

When you breed a monster and… well, just about anything, you get an egg. Under normal conditions an egg can take months to hatch, but those with the proper equipment, namely incubators, a deceptively powerful piece of magitech, can reduce that time to a matter of days or weeks in some cases. The incubators use magic in small and manageable doses to accelerate a monsters growth, and imprint the knowledge they will need to get started in the world. What results from this is a full grown adult monster ready to bond with you and explore its life.

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Cloud Meadow is a Farming Sim with Monster Breeding, JRPG Combat, and a whole ton of smut. You have multiple ways of completing the game, though we are focusing on the ‘player does a bit of everything’ route. You can breed and raise monsters, training them to be party members, grow your relationship with other non-player characters and become allies and lovers with them. You can expand your farm and grow the town of Cloverton with your work and progress. Eventually, you might even save the world and find true love! Or you might just bang all of the monsters you can get your lustful little hands on, it’s that sort of game!

We use the Unity engine to make our game function. It’s not perfect, but the robust systems, easy code, and the commonality of its use lends itself well to our needs.

Animations are made in collaboration between the lead artist and the animator. They’re all animated in Aseprite and done frame by frame rather than using symbol-based ‘tween’ animation, so every frame is hand drawn. Heavy influence is taken from games like Metal Slug, Earthbound, Mario RPG and various pixelated fighting games for our sprites.

The main reason is the amount of uncompressed assets. When compressed they cannot be uploaded to patreon due to patreon’s 200MB file size limit.

The album is on the main menu screen of the game. You will either need the unlock codes awarded to certain tiers of our patreon, or you’ll need to unlock the scene through gameplay.

You can report it to us on our patreon through the comments of the relevant build, or send it, along with a crash report to

You can have all log files at: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Team Nimbus\Cloud Meadow\

Eventually the game will be done, and at that point we will be releasing the game for between $15 and $30 USD. All Patrons, past and future, will receive a free version of the base level game at this time. After that point public versions of the game will no longer be released.

Not as HD scenes, and probably never as Sex-Sprites either.

There are 11 species of monsters, with 9 of them having gender swaps. For a total of 20 monsters.

No, and this is due to the sheer amount of monster combinations possible in this game. The amount of work would take years with the current team size, so it wouldn’t be a viable thing to do.

While many NPCs will have sex scenes, many of these will be as sex-sprites and often not even with Evan or Eve.

All party members are intended to be romanceable and sexable, with at least one HD scene each for both Evan and Eve.

We had wanted to include actually raising offspring and children into the game world, but due to certain comments made to us early on in the development by stream viewers, we decided that we couldn’t risk the association of pedophillia with our game, so, no. There will be no mention of underaged characters in our game world.

We focus on monster girls/guys, farm situations, milking, breeding, and a lot of vanilla stuff, with a lot of hot and heavy passionate and consensual stuff involved at every level. What we will not cater to is the following: Rape, Incest, Necrophilia (Unless you count ghosts and vampires I guess?), Beastiality (Defined as sex with a non-sapient animal), or any form of sexual content with underaged characters (or those resembling underaged characters)(This list is not final, and we may add more).

No, we are avoiding even implied incest at this time. We are planning on implementing a genealogy system that will keep track of which monsters share grandparents. At the very most you’ll have kissing cousin situations.

Yes to both questions, Eve can bear monster eggs, and Evan can impregnate female monsters even in the current builds.

No, your monsters can be bred amongst themselves, but breeding them as a human makes controlling what is born slightly easier.

All monsters possess a stat called Domesticity that affects how they gain or lose traits. If domesticity is too low, then when the monster is born it’ll become a miniboss and damage your farm. It’s very difficult for monsters to increase their domesticity amongst themselves, but breeding with a human gives the child a much larger boost to domesticity.

Unfortunately, that is not planned for this time.

We are currently working on programmatically swapping such things. The backbone of the system is there, but there is still work to be done to allow us to provide variants easier.

There are wild monster variants, but otherwise there is no plans to introduce such variations beyond colors.

We have already added one, the Crab Monster to the game.

Yes, every single character is getting an equal number of scenes with both versions of the protagonist, regardless of gender.

That is not currently planned, as it would exponentially increase our workload for HD scenes, but we will see how things turn out.

We would like to include the skin, eye, and hair color changes if nothing else, but anything else is beyond the reasonable scope of our budget and team size at this time.

No, they do not exist within the same universe, and are just alternate versions of the same person.

We’ve not decided on this. We will have to see depending on how our development budget goes.

We would like to think so, but it will depend on how the resources play out.

Possibly in the future.

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